Voltage meter

Assembly manual of the voltage meter case

Parts list:

  • Set of wooden parts
  • Voltage meter
  • 3-wire JST cable with one side loose ends
  • Four nuts and bolts


Screw on th part with a round hole to the back side of the voltage meter. Push the cable through the small hole in the middle of the top side part and make a knot on with will protect the cable from being pulled out.


Loosen the nuts on the voltage meter connectors, put the JST cable ends below the nuts ant twist them.
ORANGE CABLE – to PLUS connector
BROWN CABLE – to MINUS connector
RED CABLE – not connected

Miernik napięcia - podłączenie przewodów

Compose rest of the case parts together.

Miernik napięcia

To check if the meter works properly connect it to OUPUT 1 on LOFI Brain controller and start the test program in SCRATCH (remember to upload FIRMATA to Arduino first, and install all necessary software)

Voltage meter TEST

Voltage meter - connecting to LOFI Brain Arduino

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