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LOFI Control – iOS and Android app

29 June 2016

LOFI CONTROL lets you control an Arduino robot with an iOS device (iPhone or iPad) over Bluetooth LE (Bluetooth 4.0) module such as HM-10 or HM-11.

The app was designed to work with LOFI Brain controller and is compatible with almost any Arduino board.

Download the app:

LOFI Control Available on the App StoreLofi Control get it on google play

1. Connect your Arduino with bluetooth module and upload LOFI CONTROLLER sketch to Arduino.
2. Turn on bluetooth on your iPhone/iPad, start the app and connect to Arduino by clicking the bluetooth button in upper right corner of the screen.

Arduino code

The code below is for Arduino Leonardo compatible board (Arduino Micro, Sparkfun PRO Micro etc.) tha use Atmega32U4 chips. Leonardo boards have two serial ports Serial – simulated by USB and Serial1 – connected to TX/RX pins which are then connected to bluetooth module thus communication between Arduino -> bluetooth module -> LOFI Control app is on port Serial1.

To make the code compatible with Arduino UNO and familiar boards – switch Serial1 to Serial

Compatible devices

– iPhone 4S and newer
– iPad 3 and newer
– iOS 8 and up
– Android 4.3 and up on devices capable of using bluetooth LE

Programming and design – MACIEJ WOJNICKI