Shooting range

Assembly manual

ASSEMBLY TIME – 20 minutes if you start from the beginning, or about 10 minutes if you rebuild another construction from the CODEBOX Starter kit.

PLEASE NOTE– manual below is a bit incomplete – LED module is missing on the arm of the shooting range – we will correct it soon.

1. Prepare parts to assemble servo motor.

2. Put the square motor holder (the one with a little cutout on tone side) on the bottom of the servo motor.

PLEASE NOTE – before putting the wooden block tear out the stickers from the servo motor

3. Put another motor holder element on top of the servo.

4. Mount the motor with holders on the the top part of the shooting range body. Pay attention to turn the motor shaft closer to the center of the body.

5. Prepare alle of the parts for the shooting range main body.

6. Put the four parts of the body together. Pay attention to put the side element with two notches exactly as on the picture (not on the opposite side)

7. Assemble the body with the top element and a motor.

8. Prepare the parts for shooting range moving arm.

9. Put the plastic servo arm on it`s holder.

10. Orczyk wraz z drewnianym uchwytem przykręć do ramienia strzelnicy w taki sposób aby orczyk dało się zamocować na silniku serwo.
10. Mount the servo arm with it`s holder to the long wooden part (shooting range arm).

11. On the other side of the shooting range arm mount the light sensor, remember to put the wooden round spacers underneath the sensor board.

12. Mount the LOFI Brain controller in the shooting range body. Connect servo motor to OUTPUT1. Pay attention how the servo cable is put through an outlet in the shooting range body.

13. Mount the arm on the srvo motor shaft. Remember to set the servo motor in the 50% position first so the arm can move from left to right. Use a smaller M2,5 screw to mount the are in the shaft.

Connect the light sensor to INPUT3

Congratulation! Your shooting range construction is finished.