LOFI Robot is an educational robot construction kit designed to help young makers and inventors learn basics of coding, electronics and mechanics.

Classes from robotics are an ideal field for learning the basics of mechanics, physics, electronics and design thinking. Their strength rests on the natural human passion to construct all sorts of vehicles, construction equipment and inventions.

The company

LOFI Sp. z o.o. was established in January 2014 in the Tri-City, founded by Maciej Wojnicki. A year later it won the prize during the second edition of the THINK BIG competition for the most innovative Polish business projects. In May 2015, it received the investor’s support in the form of Seed Fund of Academic Incubators of Entrepreneurship – AIP Seed Capital, which accelerated its development. In 2019 LOFI Robot was voted the best Polish innovation in education.

Currently, LOFI Robot offers educational kits aimed at individuals, as well as educational kits combined with a training package, targeted at schools and educational institutions. The company is strongly committed to popularizing robot education among both children and young people as well as teachers.


LOFI Robot Awards

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