Gorilla robot

Walking gorilla built with EDUBOX kit

Gorilla robot is a two-legged variation made out of vehicle chasis of the Rover robot

Parts list

  • LOFI Brain controller
  • Powerbank
  • Pair of DC geared motors
  • Set of wooden parts
  • Distance sensor – HC-SR04

1. Attach DC motor to the chasis side parts with a help of grip blocks. Pay attention to making both of the motors in mirrored arrangement.

instrukcja - robot goryl 1

2. Long rectangular block will be ised as gorilla`s head. Mount the distance sensor (HC-SR04) in it`s grip and attach it in the middle of the face block. Add the “smile block” and connect the face to the bottom block of the chasis with a help of a connector block.

instrukcja - robot goryl 2

3. Mount the LOFI Brain controller to the biggest block of the of the gorilla body.

instrukcja - goryl4

4. Connect all the parts of gorilla body together. Use 20mm long nuts to connect blocks near motors` grips.

instrukcja - robot goryl 3

5. Attach two long blocks to bottom of gorilla body as its legs.

instrukcja - robot goryl 5

6. Build gorilla`s hands.

instrukcja - robot goryl 6

7. Put the powerbank in its grip block and mount it on the top of gorilla`s body. Mount gorilla`s arms on the motors` shafts.

instrukcja - robot goryl 7

8. Your gorilla robot is ready!

instrukcja - robot goryl 8

What can we do with the gorilla now?

– Poogram it to avoid obstacles with the distance sensor AVOIDING OBSTACLES
– Control it with smartphone/tablet over bluetooth
– Instead of distance sensor use two light sensors as gorilla`s eyes and program it as light followerLIGHT FOLLOWER
– Control it with SCRATCH

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