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LOFI Robot is a robot construction system dedicated to STEM learning.

Building and programming of LOFI Robots is simple. After reading our manuals and lesson plans, every teacher will be able to lead basic robotics classes.

LOFI Robot - system do nauki robotyki

Designed for the classroom

Robotics classes

Coding is a new kind of literacy

LOFI Robot is an innovative educational tool. Robotics kits together with our custom software combine into a complte package.

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LOFI Robot - system do nauki robotyki

Full STEM package


Check out our online guidebooks and tutorials

We systematically publish tutorials and guides to help you advance coding skills and lead better robotic classes.

Sharing is caring. Most of our educational content is published on CREATIVE COMMONS licences.

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LOFI Robot - system do nauki robotyki

Working with the tools you know


We relay on the most popular tools!

Our robots can be programmed with the most popular coding tool for kids - Scratch.

If you prefer to work on mobile devices, test our app LOFI Blocks

LOFI Robot - robotics kit

It is not only about coding and robots

Work in group

Students work in small groups, they learn to cooperate and manage their robotic kits throughout the whole course.

Design thinking

During robotics course students document their progress and prepare presentations that summarise their work at the end of the course.


To stimulate work of the students and provide the teacher with tools to engage pupils, we introduced elements of gamification in our lessons plans.

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If you need a custom solution or have a specific project with robots in mind, do not hesitate to tell us about it.

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LOFI Robot - system do nauki robotyki