USB cable – Windows

Connecting LOFI Brain with Win10 over USB cable

Connecting with LOFI Robot Extension

1. Connect Brain 2.0 with USB A-B cable form CODEBOX Starter kit :


2. When you connect LOFI Brain to the computer you should hear double beep sound from the controller buzzer – it is the signal that the controller was detected by the computer and is ready to work. Start LOFI Robot Extension.


3. Click REFRESH SERIAL, and check list of serial ports:


4. Click SERIAL PORT field and chose label with ARDUINO UNO in the name:



5. After choosing the correct serial port click CONNECT:


6. CONNECT will change to DISCONNECT you should hear a triple beep sound from the controller buzzer:


7. Your robot is now connected with the web browser. Click OPEN LOFI BLOCKS to open the app:


8. LOFI Blocks will open in new tab or window. (pay attention if the app opens on CHROME web browser). If everything works correctly robot head icon in the upper-right corner of the screen should have a white outline. Click the robot head icon the controller should beep two times – it proves that the robot recieves signals from the app – PAY ATTENTION – if the bluetooth module is plugged into the controller it will block communication line from computer to robot:


How to disconnect properly?

1. Close LOFI Blocks tab and gett back to LOFI Robot Extension, then click DISCONNECT


2. Close the LOFI Robot Extension. You can now safely unplug the controller from the computer.