USB cable – MacOS

Connecting with LOFI Blocks on MacOS over USB cable

Connecting with LOFI Robot Extension

1. Connect Brain 2.0 with USB A-B cable form CODEBOX Starter kit :


2. When you connect LOFI Brain to the computer you should hear double beep sound from the controller buzzer – it is the signal that the controller was detected by the computer and is ready to work. Start LOFI Robot Extension.


3. Click REFRESH SERIAL, and check list of serial ports:


4. Click SERIAL PORT field and chose label with ARDUINO UNO in the name:



5. After choosing the correct serial port click CONNECT:


6. CONNECT will change to DISCONNECT you should hear a triple beep sound from the controller buzzer:


7. Your robot is now connected with the web browser. Click OPEN LOFI BLOCKS to open the app:


8. LOFI Blocks will open in new tab or window. (pay attention if the app opens on CHROME web browser). If everything works correctly robot head icon in the upper-right corner of the screen should have a white outline. Click the robot head icon the controller should beep two times – it proves that the robot recieves signals from the app – PAY ATTENTION – if the bluetooth module is plugged into the controller it will block communication line from computer to robot:


How to disconnect properly?

1. Zamknij zakładkę z LOFI Blocks i wróć do okna LOFI Robot Extension. Kliknij w ikonę DISCONNECT (czyli ROZŁĄCZ), spowoduje to prawidłowe rozłączenie Robota z komputerem:


1. Close LOFI Blocks tab and gett back to LOFI Robot Extension, then click DISCONNECT