The Painting Robot

Assembly instructions for the Painting Robot from CODEBOX Drive kit.

The Painting Robot is a modification of the Forklift. Thanks to a special holder mounted on the hoist, the robot can hold a pen and paint while it’s moving around.


1. Begin with preparing your workspace. It’s best to have a spacious place to assemble your kit, like an empty desk or a large table.

2. Prepare your screwdriver and previously assembled nuts and bolts box. Keep in mind that your kit consists of three types of screws: 12 mm, 20 mm and 70 mm. All the nuts are the same size.

3. Don’t use too much force when breaking off wooden elements from the forms. Be careful not to break the parts. You can also use a small craft knife to cut the joints in the forms, but be extra careful when doing this!

We wish you a ton of fun during the assembly of your LOFI Robot kit 🙂 Enjoy!


The Painting Robot is based on the Forklift construction. Below you will find instructions, how to transform your Forklift into the Painting Robot.

Prepare the parts for the pen holder.















6. Adjust the holder accordingly to the size of the pen.

Congratulations! Your Painting Robot is now ready!


Electronic connections

1. Connect the motors to the M1 and M2 ports of the LOFI Brain controller. Make sure the small metal walls inside the pins of the motor cables are facing the plastic walls of the pins on the controller.

2. Connect the powerbank to the micro USB slot on the Adapter.

lofi brain zasilanie powerbank

3. If you are using a bluetooth module, connect it to the corresponding slot on the adapter. Make sure you put the module in the right direction, see the picture below.

4. Connect the servo motor to OUTPUT 1 (if you connect it to OUTPUT 2, you will be able to control the hoist with our LOFI Control mobile app).


Connect LOFI Brain with LOFI Blocks on your computer. Insert the following code:


The first part of the script is responsible for the movement of the robot. The rest of the wrap blocks controls enables setting the level of the pen.

  • “Z” key – sets the pen up and enables the painting script.
  • “Up arrow” key – gradually lifts the pen every time it’s pressed.
  • “Down arrow” key – gradually lowers the pen every time it’s pressed.
  • “X” key – “emergency button”. The Painting Robot stops and lifts the pen.

How to paint?

1. Put a large piece of thick paper, preferably cardboard, on a flat and even surface. This will serve as a canvas for painting.

2. Put the Painting Robot on the canvas and turn the switch on LOFI Brain to ON position.

3. Connect LOFI Brain with LOFI Blocks on your computer. It’s best to do it via bluetooth module if you have one.

4. Make sure you have the script put in LOFI Blocks. Then press PLAY.

5. Press “Z” key. The robot will start moving but it won’t paint yet.

6. Keep pressing “down arrow” until the arrow touches your canvas and starts to paint. If the pen is too low, it will block the robot’s movement. In that case, just adjust the level of the pen by pressing “down arrow”.

7. In order to stop the painting, press “X” key. It will stop the motors and lift the pen.

Have fun!

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