Storage and management

CODEBOX kit storage

Storage box assembly

CODEBOX Starter kit comes with a wooden box to store the parts. The box itself comes unassembled and you have to put it together by yourself. It might be a great introduction lesson for your students to get familiar with nuts, bolts and a screwdriver.

1. Prepare the wooden parts

2. Mount two dividers on the bottom part of the box.

3. Mount front and back part of the box to the bottom one.

4. Assemble left and right sides of the box.

The kit contains a frame which can be mounted on the front of the box. It allows students to attach a paper card with their names to easily distinguish the box during the course.
On the back side of the box students can attach badges gained during the course.

Each of the robot constructions fits inside the storage box. Under the divider are slots to store unused electronic parts, construction elements, nuts and bolts etc.

To improve storage of CODEBOX kits the boxes are designed to stack one on another.