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Hello young inventor!

We are extremely happy that our robot construction kit is in your hands!
Even though the box is small it contains a huge educational package and a lot of parts so it is normal if you will feel a bit overwhelemed at first. DO NOT WORRY 😉 in no time you will be programming microcontrollers, connecting electronic sensors, constructing vehicles, and you will not even notice when you learned it all.

The LOFI Brain Controller that comes with your kit is already preprogrammed to work with all of our apps (LOFI Blocks online and mobile, LOFI Control, interactive lessons). You only need to install drivers ((by installing Arduino IDE) connect it to your computer and you can start to learn to code.

Everything you need to know about our CODEBOX system can be found in documentation. If some topics are unclear for you leave your question int the comments section, we will try to answer as soon as possible.

The list below shows things you need to do first when you want to start playing with our robots.


  • Install ARDUINO IDE – you need it to install Arduino boards drivers on your computer
  • Install LOFI Robot Chrome Extension it will allow your robot to communicate with LOFI Blocks online and other LOFI Robot apps
  • Check our lessons
  • Check out our YouTube channel you will find a lot of video content about our CODEBOX kit – most of it is polish with english subtitles but we are working on more english content