Shooting range

Assembly manual

BUILDING TIME – 20 minutes if you start from the beginning, 10 minutes if you are modifying another CODEBOX Starter project

1. Prepare the parts to assemble the servo motor.

2. Put the square motor holder (the one with a small indentation) on the bottom of the servo motor.

PAY ATTENTION – tear down the stickers before mounting the servo in the wooden piece

3. Put the seccond square holder on the top of servo motor.

4. Attach the motor to the top side of the main body. Pay attention to direct the motor shaft in the center of the whole piece.

5. Prepare the rest four pieces of the robot body.

6. Assemble four parts of the robot body together. Pay attention to set the side body exactly the same as on the photo (not on the opposite side)

7. Attach previously assemebled piece with a motor to the rest of the robot body.

8. Prepare the parts for the shooting range arm.

9. Put the plastic servo horn on a wooden holder.

10. Install the servo horn with it`s wooden holder on the shooting range arm.

11. On the other side than the servo horn install the light sensor module. Remember to put the round wooden spacers below the module.

12. Install LOFI Brain controller on the back of the robot body. Put the servo cable through a hole on the side of the body ind connect it to OUTPUT1

13. Install shooting range arm on the servo motor shaft. Remember to set the motor to middle position (connect LOFI Brain to LOFI BLocks app and set servo to 50).

Connect the light sensor module to INPUT3.

14. Use an M2 screw to attach the arm to the motor.

CONGRATILATIONS! Shooting range construction is finished!


Check how to program the shooting range in LOFI Blocks app.
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