Robot head

Assembly manual

1. Prepare parts for distance sensor holder.

2. Put the distance sensor in the holder (pay attention not to damage the net covers of probes, do not press them with your fingers). Attach three distance pieces to the bottom of sensor holder, join it together with two 20mm screws. By now leave the middle hole empty we will use it to attach distance sensor to another element.

3. Mount the distance sensor on the front side of the robot`s head.

4. Put the plastic servo horn in a wooden holder.

5. Install the servo horn with it`s holder at the bottom of the robot head

6. Prepare the parts to assemble the servo motor.

7. Put the square motor holder (the one with a small indentation) on the bottom of the servo motor.

PAY ATTENTION – tear down the stickers from the servo motor before putting it in the wooden holder

8. Put the seccond square holder on the top of servo motor.

9. Attach the motor to the top side of the main body. Pay attention to direct the motor shaft in the center of the whole piece.

10. Prepare the rest four pieces of the robot body.

11. Install the button module on the body part with two indentations, remember to use two round spacers below the module. Pay attention to positioning of the elements.

12. Install the potentiometer module on the seccond side part of the robot body.

13. Put four of the pieces together – don not screw it by now.

14. On the top of the robot body install piece with a servo motor. Now you can screw all the parts together. Put the sensor cables through the holes in the robot body.

15. On the back of the robot body install LOFI Brain controller. Connect the servo motor to OUTPUT1

16. Install robot head on the servo motor shaft. Remember to set to servo to it`s middle position first (connect LOFI Brain to LOFI Blocks app and set servo to 50)


  • Serwvo – OUTPUT1
  • Red LEDGreen LED – OUTPUT3
  • Buttoan – INPUT1
  • Potentiometer – INPUT2
  • Light sensor – INPUT3

A little mess with this cables isn`t it?

You can clean up the cables a bit if you put parts if them inside the robot body through the holes on the sides.

PAY ATTENTION If you want to connect the robot head firmly to it`s body you can install the servo hor on the shaft with a M2 screw. To do this remove the light sensor from the top of the head and put the screwdriver through the hole in the center of the head to turn the screw.


we can program the robot to operate in few different modes:

  1. Alarm
  2. Czujnik parkowania
  3. Mówiący robot
  4. Obracanie do światła
  5. Sonar