Assembly manual

1. Prepare parts to assemble red LED on the side part of robot head

2. Put LED module on the wooden construction block and assemble it with to 12mm screws. Remember to put two distance circles below LED module. Pay attention to direction of the LED module cable connector.

3. Assemble the seccond (green) LED on another side part of robot head

4. Prepare parts to assemble light sensor module on the top part of robot head.

5. Assemble light sensor the same way as LED module. Pay attention to the direction of cable socket.

6. Assemble side parts (with LEDs) with the bottom part of robot head.

7. Connect the part with light sensor together with previously assembled LEDs

8. Assemble all the elements together with four screws. Put the front side on (you do not have to screw it on yet, we will do it after attaching distance sensor)