Bluetooth 4.0 – iOS

Connecting with LOFI Brain on iOS (iPAd, iPhone) over Bluetooth 4.0

  • You do not have to pair bluetooth 4.0 moduel on iOS
  • Install LOFI Blocks from the App Store
  • iPad_screen_01

  • Make sure that LOFI Brain is connected to power supply. Plug the bluetooth module into LOFI Brain bluetooth socket. PAY ATTENTION to correct direction of the module – exactly like on the photo.
  • To the on/off switch on LOFI Brain to ON. You should double beep sound from the buzzer


Łączenie się z LOFI Robot poprzez aplikację LOFI Blocks

1. Make sure that the bluetooth is ON on your device, open LOFI Blocks:


2. After the app starts click robot head icon in the upper-right corner of the screen.


3. connection panel will slide from the right side of the screen, choose your robot, in this case it is LOFI_Robot5 in your case check the number of your module on it`s label:


If you cannot find your robot on the devices list click REFRESH:


4. Click on the white field next to device name:


If the connection was set properly robot head icon will have an outline – if the outline dissapears during work it is a sign that the robot got disconnected.


How to disconnect properly?

1. Click robot head icon to open ROBOT CONNECTION panel:


2. Click DISCONNECT. Now you can turn of your robot.